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Please See Below our dinner menu.  

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Join us this Easter for our brunch  from 10 a.m to 1:30.  Easter dinner from 3:30 to 6:30


Restaurant Week Menu.  April 17th through 26th  We are offering a lunch & dinner option.  Make your reservation today!


The Peach Pit Café, is a breakfast and lunch spot located within Blend on Main. Come on in to try all of our delicious breakfast and lunch selections.

Dinner Menu

  • conversation starters

  • crispy mozzarella

    • 9

    panko, pistou, oven roasted tomato, eggplant caponata

  • asian calamari

    • 14

    domestic calamari, thai chili plum sauce, wasabi crema, fui kaki

  • mussels

    • 12

    p.e.i. black mussels, chorizo, smoked garlic, white bean, oven roasted tomato, sexy bread

  • scallops & bacon

    • 17

    pan roasted sea scallop, house cured berkshire smoked & maple glazed bacon, sweet crn nage

  • tuna taco

    • 13

    tuna belly, sriracha aioli, wasabi tobiko roe, napa cabbage, yuzu soy, toasted sesame

  • beetza

    • 13

    tandoori baked naan, onion jam, goat cheese, beet carpaccio, rocket greens

  • empanada

    • 12

    chicken, corn black bean, roasted scallion aioli, pico di gallo, queso fresco

  • tapas for 2

    • 29

    tempura shrimp, goat cheese wontons, crispy duck leg, pepper tuna

    apricot & sweet chili dip   /   red coconut currie

  • salads

  • truffle mozzarella

    • 14

    hand crafted, black truffle salted mozzarella, roated bell peppers, mediterranean olives, sexy bread

  • mediterranean chopped house salad

    • 14

    chopped romaine, salumi, provolone, capicola, olives, red onion, proscuutto, mozzarella, balsamic, vinaigrette, crispy chick peas

  • caesar

    • 12

    romaine heart, white anchovy aioli, parmesan, “duck fat” fried croutons, basil threads

  • green goddess wedge

    • 14

    buttermilk avocado dressing, heirloom tomato, bibb lettuce, pickled red onion, cucumber, goat cheese, bacon lardoons, puffed quinoa

  • creative creations

  • pappardelle bolognese

    • 24

    hand crafted double o pasta, braised veal, beef, & pork san marzano tomato, basil ricotta, “sexy bread”

  • “everything crusted” tuna

    • 31

    sushi grade tuna, everything crusted, toasted quinoa, red coconut currie

  • duck duck

    • 31

    long island duck, house cured, seared breast, leg confit, "bubble & squeak" chiani glace

  • Gordon’s “victorious” halibut

    • 32

    roasted tomato broth, mediterranean vegetables, basil pistou, pomme puree 

  • chicken rollatini

    • 28

    pecan cloaked, spinach and mascarpone stuffed, potato puree

  • salmon

    • 29

    grilled scottish salmon, black lentils, escarole, beurre blanc

  • shrimp & scallops

    • 31

    diver scallops & gulf shrimp, roasted garlic pistou risotto, blistered tomato, baby zucchini

  • vegan presentation

    • 26

    puffed quinoa, today’s heirloom vegetable medley, red coconut curie

  • Chicago Steakhouse Selections

    all steaks served on sizzling cast iron platters

  • Filet Mignon

    • 32

    8 oz barrel cut, C.A.B.

  • the original tomahawk pork “big chop”

    • 30

    4 part process. Cheshire pork, rib chop, brined, smoked, sous vide, char grilled

  • New York Strip

    • 44

    allen brothers, 14 oz prime striploin

  • “Cowboy” Ribeye

    • 55

    20 oz prime, 28 day, dry aged

  • Accompaniments

    all are gluten free except the creamed spinach       

  • truffle fries

    • 9

    pomme frittes, truffle salt, parmesan

  • charred asparagus

    • 9

    char grilled, xvoo, sea salt

  • whipped potato

    • 9

    garlic essence, beurre

  • wild mushrooms

    • 9

    oyster, shiitake, cremini

  • garlicky spinach

    • 9

    sauteed oraganic spinach, generous toasted garlic

  • garden medley

    • 9

    organic selection of seasonal vegetable

  • “bubble & squeak”

    • 9

    bacon, cabbage, potato

  • sauteed escarole

    • 9

    organic escarole, garlic, xvoo

  • creamed spinach

    • 9

    organic spinach, nutmeg cream

  • hash browns

    • 9

    shredded russet potato, onion

  • toasted quinoa

    • 9

    himalayan quinoa blend, xvoo

  • Side Sauces

  • chianti glace

    • 1.50

    red wine veal reduction

  • bernaise

    • 1.50

    clarified butter, tarragon, egg emulsion

  • house steak sauce

    • 1.50

    smokey sweet peach

  • chimichurri

    • 1.50

    parsley, garlic, olive oil, chili

  • Dessert

  • drunken doughnuts

    • 9

    our famous, paty choux dough nuts, cinnamon sugar, house made rum jelly

  • flourless chocolate cake

    • 10

    decadent Belgium or belgian chocolate, Grand Marnier raspberry sauce

  • 1950’s sundae

    • 5

    two scoops, vanilla bean, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, cherry

  • small batch house made gelato

    • 9

    today's selection

  • blueberry cheese

    • 10

    new york style, but with jersey blueberry, cinnamon crumb crust

  • “Kitchen Sink” sundae

    • 25

    While Supplies Last: The chef throws everything we got at this decadent creation. *warning* not for wimps

  • ring ding for 2

    • 18

    a decadent play on a childhood favorite, peanut butter mousse, devil’s food cake, belgium or belgian chocolate jacket, crispy phyllo, fresh berry

  • peach cobbler

    • 9

    baked brown sugar peaches, butter cruble, today's ice cream

  • creme brulee

    • 8

    tahitan vanilla bean egg custard, caramelized sugar, fresh berry

Our menu changes with the micro seasons, approximately every 2 months. Please go to Order now to complete your pick up order.

The Peach Pit Café, is a breakfast and lunch spot located within Blend on Main. Come on in to try all of our delicious breakfast and lunch selections.

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