Helping Our Community

by Chef Lou Smith
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Partnering with local non-profit to feed our locals

Blend on Main is partnering with FulFill and a Need We Feed as they respond to the need for meals. Chef and the team are cooking quality meals for our local seniors, families and kids in need.


Want to Help? Fulfill Needs Your Help with COVID-19 – Demand for food continues to rise during the Coronavirus crisis as soup kitchens and schools close.

The mission of A Need We Feed is to prepare, package and deliver hot meals and create dining opportunities for our veterans, children, and their families who are in need.  

Want to Help? The demand for A NEED WE FEED  Program meals is in high demand. Help them increase the number of meals they can offer.

Thousands of restaurant workers now without a job in New Jersey

Restaurant owners say that they simply cannot afford to keep their staff while customers remain inside their homes to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Derek Shields and his wife Emily Kugelman are two of thousands of New Jerseyans who once had good jobs working at restaurants and bars, but have since been laid off. Shields was a cook at Blend on Main in Manasquan and Kugelman was a cook at the Beacon Hill Country Club.

Blend on Main extends help to community

By Sarah Bloom -March 19, 2020

MANASQUAN — Blend on Main has switched its focus from culinary art perfection to serving the Manasquan community in times of crisis surrounding the pandemic, COVID-19.

“I knew it was coming. I was paying attention to the other side of the world,” Head Chef Lou Smith said. “With the help of close friends and family, we put together meals that would resonate with families.”

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