Food Proves to be “Common Ground” for Everyone at Chefs Extraordinaire

by Chef Lou Smith
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Food Proves to be “Common Ground” for Everyone at Chefs Extraordinaire

Although I am around food every day, its amazing power never ceases to amaze me. In my own experience, food has opened doors, narrated stories, and bonded relationships. After being part of a recent benefit hosted by Common Ground Grief Center in Manasquan, I now realize food has the power to heal.

For a chef, there is no better feeling than watching someone enjoy the food you create. Put a story behind that dish and it’s clear that you chose the right path in life. It was exactly that sentiment at last week’s “Chef Extraordinaire” held at the Spring Lake Manor. The participating chefs opened up their kitchens to kids and teens from the center and created a special dish in honor of their loved ones. By the look on everyone’s face, the end result was pure magic.  Every bite captured a memory and filled the room with hope, gratitude, and love.

I couldn’t have done it without the help of my fantastic co-chef, Katie, who created the one-of-a-kind meatloaf mac n’ cheese bite in memory of her dear brother. It was so delicious I think it should be a new staple on the Blend menu!

For more information on Common Ground Grief Center, go to: http://www.commongroundgriefcenter.org/

~Chef Lou

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