all natural ♥ gluten free

rare- cold red center

medium rare – cool red center

medium – warm red center

medium well – pink center

well –   no pink, at your own risk

on the side

truffle pomme frites  5.  (gf)

creamed spinach  7.

charred asparagus  7. (gf)

mac n blue bites  7. 

today’s garden variety mp.  (gf)

roasted garlic whipped potato  7.   (gf)

“nueske” bacon  8.  (gf)

butter poached 5 oz  lobster tail  19.  (gf)

sauces 2. Each 

béarnaise  (gf)

cabernet glace  (gf)

house made  steak sauce  (gf)

au poirve   (gf)

Chef Lou Smith

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